Tribute to the rag man: in conversation with Vodde and Voddenmannen about circular fashion

“Rags, rags, who has rags anymore? I give the highest value for your rags,” sang Wim Sonneveld in his 'House, garden and kitchen song' from 1955. The rag man or ragman was someone who bought old clothes and resold them for the manufacture of paper or cleaning cloths. Until the 1960s he knocked on doors and collected rags for a few pennies. The rag man has disappeared from the streets - nowadays we take old clothing to the thrift store, textile bin or we sell it online. Yet this old profession is very current again thanks to two innovative fashion concepts that redefine the term. FashionUnited spoke with Patrick Welp of sock brand Vodde and Rens de Waal of Voddenmannen, who each contribute to the circular economy in their own way.

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