'That makes a nice contribution' is Vodde's slogan. Vodde is a company that turns “rags” into brand new socks. For this they use collected work clothing and textile cutting waste. The raw materials come from, among other things, old police polo shirts and used clothing from other government organizations. We are very happy with these circular socks and have therefore entered into an exclusive collaboration with Rag for government organizations . Knowing more? Read on quick!

Groenendijk supplies work clothing to various government organizations such as Defense, Customs - Tax Authorities and the Fire Department. The shared goal of Vodde and Groenendijk is to serve government organizations and encourage them towards a circular economy. We take back used work clothing so that it can be recycled into new circular items. Starting with circular socks.

“This unique collaboration between the government, Groenendijk and Vodde creates a powerful combination where circularity and reuse of textiles with ultimately good products for responsible users are central. The circular textile economy is not a 'let's do', no, it is here and now, we are proud of that!” This is what Patrick Welp from Vodde tells us.

Textiles have a major impact on the environment. As a major supplier of work clothing, we are aware of this impact and are working hard on new innovations to reduce the impact of textiles. By recycling discarded textiles, less textiles need to be destroyed. This means that fewer new raw materials and therefore yarn need to be produced. Together with Vodde, we can make major contributions towards a circular economy in this way.

From Scratch is the sustainable label of Groenendijk Bedrijfskleding and is responsible for people and the environment with sustainable, recyclable and circular corporate clothing. In this way, we ensure that clothing is made in certified factories, we guarantee fair production and we use more and more sustainable materials. The sustainable label From Scratch has been around for some time, but we are now also working hard on 100% circular products under the label From Scratch Close. These socks and the collaboration with Vodde fit in seamlessly with this!

We're not going to change the world alone.
Together we can go a long way!

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