Contribution by Karin Stoevenbeld-Kreber

WoW! These socks (Vodde) consist of 52% recycled cotton from collected pieces of fabric, 44% recycled polyester from collected PET bottles and 4% elastane. The Dutch company Vodde reuses discarded textiles to make new socks. Vodde makes its yarn from cotton collected by local 'rag farmers' and from cutting waste from textile production in European countries where Vodde makes its own products. You can design your own socks that perfectly match any corporate identity. These thin quality socks, designed for everyday use, are perfect to combine with a casual outfit. By wearing these socks you are contributing to a sustainable world with less pollution. Developed and tested in the Netherlands. Made in the EU. Now available via Clipper Interall (WoW Sustainable Collection): Clipper Gifts #wowsustainablecollection

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